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Two Reasons Why You Should Start Testing Your Well Water

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If you get the drinking water supply for your home from a well, you understand how crisp and refreshing the liquid can be. Few things are as enjoyable as drawing a cool glass of water from your well on a hot day. However, if you drink well water, one of the top concerns is the possibility of contamination. You must make sure that your water hasn’t been compromised in some way, as this can be dangerous for you and your family. Use this information to learn more about why it’s so important for you to start testing your well water right away. Only You Are Responsible For The Safety Of Your Water The main reason why you should invest in well water testing is because you are solely responsible for ensuring that the water which comes from your well is safe to drink. If you fail in this task, you could find yourself dealing with some major issues that could have been avoided. When you obtain your drinking water from the community supply, it is tested and regularly monitored to ensure that it doesn’t contain contaminants. All of this is done at a local sanitation facility before it even reaches your home. However, when you have a private well, you are accessing a natural water supply that hasn’t undergone the extensive testing that is done for communal waters. It’s up to you to purchase a water testing kit from a local hardware or big box store so you can test the water before you consume it. Contaminants Can Be Invisible Another reason why you should test your water is because contaminants are often invisible. You may be doing a quick visual check by making sure that there is no discoloration or large pieces of sediment in the water. Although this is definitely a good practice, you need to go a step further. There may be harmful contaminants in the water that are completely hidden from the naked eye. No matter how clean the water appears to be, don’t be fooled by appearances. The water test is designed to detect those invisible contaminants that you’re not able to see with just a visual scan. It’s recommended that you test your water at least once per year, with more frequent testing advised if well water is your sole source for drinking water. Start testing your water today, so you can enjoy these benefits and many...

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6 Qualifications That Board Of Trustee Members Should Have

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Effectively serving on the Board of Trustees of a college or university is an honor that requires specific qualifications. Applicants, like Katharine Hamilton, should be experienced people with strong records of accomplishment and commitment in their lives and who have some sort of existing tie to the educational institution where they’re applying to for a trustee position. Following are six qualifications that a valuable Board of Trustee member should possess. Real-World Business Skills A good trustee will have firm grasp of how the business world works, as well as a thorough understanding of the complexities of financial matters of large organizations. Knowledge of big-scale budgeting, financial markets, and accounting is essential in order for someone to be an effective trustee. An Understanding of Local Business Needs Curriculum development that fails to meet the needs of local businesses doesn’t provide many benefits for either students or the community in which the school is situated. Effective trustees have their fingers on the pulse of local business communities and know what skills employers require. Negotiating Skills The Board of Trustees in any given financial institution make collective decisions concerning essential matters regarding the school. Well-developed negotiating skills are an important part of coming to beneficial group decisions. Communication Skills Trustees should be able to communicate in a clear, concise manner, as well as have the ability to listen to others. Trustees who consider their own visions to be more important than those of others in the group are generally viewed as detriments because they frequently stand in the way of a workable group consensus. Time, Interest, and Energy Serving on the Board of Trustees is a prestigious position that appeals to many people. However, those whose only interest in serving on a Board of Trustees is to gain standing in their communities should reconsider whether they are acting in the best interests of the institution. An Authentic Commitment to the School Some people seek being elected to the Board of Trustees of their local institution of higher learning as a way to increase their visibility on the political landscape of their community for possible future gain or to work for a partisan agenda that they personally believe in. However, these types of candidates often fail to have an authentic to the school itself, and as a result, they may not always act in the best interests of the school during their time as a...

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Tips To Improve Your Social Media Campaign

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When you are running for public office, chances are good that you are going to be running an online campaign alongside your in-person campaign. However, running an effective campaign through social media is not just making a support page or two for your campaign, being active on your own personal Facebook, and sending out a few tweets. You are going to need to be more proactive in your efforts for online campaigning. Here are some tips for getting this done. 1. Action-Gate Recently Facebook announced that they were going to ban like-gating on Facebook. Like-gating was when a user who has not already liked a particular page is banned from seeing content on that page until he or she likes it. However, action-gating is still alive and well. Create an incentive; for example, a dinner with you and your spouse or a special spot in an advertisement that will support you, that people that you are trying to reach out to will appreciate. Then, use the built-in Facebook forms to create a form that allows users to fill in information that is valuable to your campaign, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or demographic information, and in exchange, direct them to a form where they can enter to win the incentive. This will help you get more information about your users to create a more effective campaign, as well as get more email addresses so you can send information directly to your supporters. 2. Create a System Where People Can Give Input To Your Campaign If you decide in the middle of your campaign that you need another symbol or logo to represent you, consider asking all of your social media followers to design a few different options and then vote on the one that they think will be most effective. This will help show people that you are willing to take their input and use it, implying that you are going to be doing the same thing should you be elected to public office. It will also help get you a new campaign slogan, symbol, or any other creative content that your supporters are actually guaranteed to respond to. You can get input by simply making a post and inviting people to comment their design and then setting up a voting page on another site, or by having your supporters tweet their ideas at you. 3. Offer Incentives For Sharing Finally, make sure that you offer incentives for sharing your posts and other content on other social media platforms. This will allow you to hit a greater number of people that are not directly connected to you and expand your reach. All you have to do is ask for users to screenshot their share of your page on another social media page and send it to you. You can then increase the number of times that they are entered in the raffle, or something similar. For more information, talk to a company that specializes in political campaign consulting, such as Strategic Campaign...

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