Tips To Improve Your Social Media Campaign

Posted on: 12 December 2015

When you are running for public office, chances are good that you are going to be running an online campaign alongside your in-person campaign. However, running an effective campaign through social media is not just making a support page or two for your campaign, being active on your own personal Facebook, and sending out a few tweets. You are going to need to be more proactive in your efforts for online campaigning. Here are some tips for getting this done.

1. Action-Gate

Recently Facebook announced that they were going to ban like-gating on Facebook. Like-gating was when a user who has not already liked a particular page is banned from seeing content on that page until he or she likes it. However, action-gating is still alive and well. Create an incentive; for example, a dinner with you and your spouse or a special spot in an advertisement that will support you, that people that you are trying to reach out to will appreciate.

Then, use the built-in Facebook forms to create a form that allows users to fill in information that is valuable to your campaign, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or demographic information, and in exchange, direct them to a form where they can enter to win the incentive. This will help you get more information about your users to create a more effective campaign, as well as get more email addresses so you can send information directly to your supporters.

2. Create a System Where People Can Give Input To Your Campaign

If you decide in the middle of your campaign that you need another symbol or logo to represent you, consider asking all of your social media followers to design a few different options and then vote on the one that they think will be most effective. This will help show people that you are willing to take their input and use it, implying that you are going to be doing the same thing should you be elected to public office. It will also help get you a new campaign slogan, symbol, or any other creative content that your supporters are actually guaranteed to respond to. You can get input by simply making a post and inviting people to comment their design and then setting up a voting page on another site, or by having your supporters tweet their ideas at you.

3. Offer Incentives For Sharing

Finally, make sure that you offer incentives for sharing your posts and other content on other social media platforms. This will allow you to hit a greater number of people that are not directly connected to you and expand your reach. All you have to do is ask for users to screenshot their share of your page on another social media page and send it to you. You can then increase the number of times that they are entered in the raffle, or something similar.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in political campaign consulting, such as Strategic Campaign Group.


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