Two Reasons Why You Should Start Testing Your Well Water

Posted on: 21 November 2016

If you get the drinking water supply for your home from a well, you understand how crisp and refreshing the liquid can be. Few things are as enjoyable as drawing a cool glass of water from your well on a hot day. However, if you drink well water, one of the top concerns is the possibility of contamination. You must make sure that your water hasn't been compromised in some way, as this can be dangerous for you and your family. Use this information to learn more about why it's so important for you to start testing your well water right away.

Only You Are Responsible For The Safety Of Your Water

The main reason why you should invest in well water testing is because you are solely responsible for ensuring that the water which comes from your well is safe to drink. If you fail in this task, you could find yourself dealing with some major issues that could have been avoided.

When you obtain your drinking water from the community supply, it is tested and regularly monitored to ensure that it doesn't contain contaminants. All of this is done at a local sanitation facility before it even reaches your home.

However, when you have a private well, you are accessing a natural water supply that hasn't undergone the extensive testing that is done for communal waters. It's up to you to purchase a water testing kit from a local hardware or big box store so you can test the water before you consume it.

Contaminants Can Be Invisible

Another reason why you should test your water is because contaminants are often invisible. You may be doing a quick visual check by making sure that there is no discoloration or large pieces of sediment in the water. Although this is definitely a good practice, you need to go a step further.

There may be harmful contaminants in the water that are completely hidden from the naked eye. No matter how clean the water appears to be, don't be fooled by appearances. The water test is designed to detect those invisible contaminants that you're not able to see with just a visual scan.

It's recommended that you test your water at least once per year, with more frequent testing advised if well water is your sole source for drinking water. Start testing your water today, so you can enjoy these benefits and many more.


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