• Two Reasons Why You Should Start Testing Your Well Water

    If you get the drinking water supply for your home from a well, you understand how crisp and refreshing the liquid can be. Few things are as enjoyable as drawing a cool glass of water from your well on a hot day. However, if you drink well water, one of the top concerns is the possibility of contamination. You must make sure that your water hasn't been compromised in some way, as this can be dangerous for you and your family.
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  • 6 Qualifications That Board Of Trustee Members Should Have

    Effectively serving on the Board of Trustees of a college or university is an honor that requires specific qualifications. Applicants, like Katharine Hamilton, should be experienced people with strong records of accomplishment and commitment in their lives and who have some sort of existing tie to the educational institution where they're applying to for a trustee position. Following are six qualifications that a valuable Board of Trustee member should possess. Real-World Business Skills
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